Malcom is the founder and CEO of MG Equity Consulting, an advisory firm that helps organizations embed equity in their internal- and external-facing work. In that role, he draws on more than a dozen years of experience working at and with some of the world's biggest brands and various organizational cultures—including as a leader at Google, Uber, and within the startup and nonprofit communities. He provides a range of consulting services: serving as a keynote speaker, expert facilitator, and leader of workshops, as an advisor on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, offering communications, public policy, and partnerships support, and much more.

Feel free to reach out to Malcom in the form below, or email him to learn more about how MGEC might be able to help at

Malcom provides expertise in a number of areas, including:

  • diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • PR and internal communications

  • public policy and gov't relations

  • executive coaching and training

  • cities and local governments

  • public/private partnerships

  • community engagement 

  • change management

  • organizational culture

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